About Kogler Inc.

At Kogler Inc. (pronounced COG-luhr), we focus on innovation and technology. We
create new products to enhance people’s lives.

Our Story

Here’s how we launched our first innovation.

When Alex, a long-haul truck driver, showed up to events with dark circles under his eyes, he complained about the mattress in his truck sleeper.

“I sleep on a piece of %%%% mattress,” Alex told one of the Kogler partners.

Alex explained that he often didn’t feel as alert as he could when he was on the road.

At Kogler, we knew we could help Alex and other drivers like him. We knew we could apply Kogler’s innovative technology to help them sleep comfortably. Literally, the lives of these drivers and others could be at stake.

What Truck Drivers Told Us

Our Kogler team talked to groups of drivers and listened to their needs. The same thread ran through their stories.

The mattresses in their sleeper cabs were often thin, squishy, and didn’t breathe. They hardened, becoming stiff in the cold. And they melted, becoming hot and sweaty in the heat. They were concaved from the shape of their heads, hips and buttocks. What’ worse, they offered little support.

As a result, the drivers slept poorly. That meant they were often exhausted on the long hauls.

Our Mattress Solution for Alex and Other Truck Drivers

After hearing these drivers’ stories, we assembled a team of experts. These experts were design engineers. They had experience designing specialty mattresses for the hospital wound care market. Our engineers developed a comfortable, premium mattress (without the premium price) especially for sleeper cabs in the long-haul truck market.

This unique solution was based on science and technology. We called it the Revive+™ for long-haul truck drivers. Among other features, our mattress is made from temperature-stable Clini-Foam™ with airflow technology.


Our Expansion to RV Mattresses

In 2020, we expanded from various sizes of truck mattress to RV mattresses. RV owners complained of being achy, sore, and irritable after sleeping on their old RV mattresses. They also complained about a musty odor in their campers.

With our Premium RV mattress, they awoke refreshed and ache-free, leading to more pleasant mornings.

The Kogler Mattress Way

For all our premium products, we’ve applied scientific knowledge and expertise. Our engineers understand that replacing an uncomfortable mattress can lead to improved sleep quality and decreased back pain.

Therefore, all our premium mattresses are made with the most advanced materials and technology available: temperature-stable Clini-Foam™.  Layers of Clini-Foam™ with airflow technology help to cushion and support our customers. In that way, we provide a less sweaty, more comfortable night’s sleep.

What’s more, our antimicrobial mattress covers may reduce odors and dust mites.

We’re so confident that you’ll prefer our high-quality mattresses that we offer a 120-day trial period on our best mattresses.

Our Mission

We innovate to create high-quality products and an excellent customer experience.

Our Vision

Innovative advances that have a positive individual and environmental impact around the world.

Kogler Values

We espouse five core values, which are at the heart of all we do.


Listening to our customers’ needs to create an enhanced customer experience.


Applying scientific knowledge, ideas, and technology to solve customer problems.


Making premium, scientifically proven products that last.

Value Pricing

Offering surprisingly affordable pricing for premium products.


Considering our environmental impact on the individual and the planet.

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