The Best Truck Mattress for
Your Sleeper Cab

The Revive+™

The Kogler Revive+™ the Best Truck Mattress for Your Sleeper Cab: Direct to You

Ever notice how every truck mattress company says they’re the best truck mattress?

We won’t say it.

We’ll prove it.

Here’s Why We Say We Have the Best Truck Mattress

Cool foam isn’t cool. Yeah, it feels cool at first. Then things change.

In cold climates, the “cool foam” hardens like a frickin’ popsicle. When you lie down in your sleeper cab, your body heat starts to melt the foam. Soon, you begin to roast in your own sweat. In the end, you’re too hot, clammy, and damp to get a good night’s rest.

What’s more, it’s not the overall thickness of the mattress that cradles your body (although ours is 8” thick with an optional 2” pillow topper.)

It’s the design of the mattress.

Here’s How the Kogler Revive+™ Truck Mattress Is Unique

To design the best truck mattress, we chose not one—but three—layers of temperature-stable Clini-Foam™. This is the same type of foam that hospitals use for patients with very sensitive skin issues. (You don’t want to know.)

These are the features and benefits of our Revive+™ design:

  • Our temperature-stable Clini-Foam™ designed with air flow channels won’t boil you in your own juices.
  • The three Clini-Foam™ layers (three-zone technology) provide a full 8-inches of cushiony comfort. (With a mattress topper, you’ll add another 2 inches.)
  • A unique cut pattern on the top layer cushions pressure points like elbows and knees.

The result?

What the Revive+™ Mattress Features Mean for You

A superior mattress. More importantly, a better night’s sleep for you (or the driver you love).

As a long-haul driver that means you’re more likely to wake up refreshed and alert to safely get back on the road.

If you love a truck driver, you’ll sleep easier knowing your loved one is resting on a Revive+™ Kogler mattress.

Here’s How We’re Similar to Some Other Truck Mattress Companies

You might be wondering, what’s the catch? Do you have factory direct pricing? Free shipping? A trial period warranty? Yes, yes, and yes.

Besides a unique and superior mattress, here are just a few benefits we offer with the Revive+™:

  • Kogler mattresses are made uniquely to our engineers’ specifications
  • Made entirely in the USA
  • Our temperature-stable Clini-Foam™ is CertiPUR-US® certified (That means it doesn’t give off toxic gases, it’s not made with formaldehyde, and it doesn’t have lead, mercury or other toxins.)
  • Free, factory direct shipping (continental US) to save you money
  • Custom-made mattress ships in 3-5 days so we won’t try your patience
  • 120-day trial period. Return your Revive+™, if you’re not completely satisfied.

100% of Kogler Products Are Proudly Made in the USA

120-day trial period


The Revive+™ features three layers of temperature-stable Clini-Foam™ plus air flow technology, designed to decrease perspiration and resulting odor.

Custom mattress ships in just
3-5 days

certipur-us certified

The Revive+™ features a cut pattern on the top layer that cushions pressure points, such as elbows and knees.

No interest if paid in full in 6 months!

10-year warranty

Check Out All the Amazing Features of the Kogler Revive+

Mattress Feature

Kogler's Revive+™ 

100% Temperature-Stable Clini-Foam™


Air Flow Channel Technology




Cut Pattern on Top Layer


Made Exclusively for Kogler


100% Made in USA


Premium Breathable Cover




CertiPUR-US® Certified


Free, Factory Direct Shipping (Continental USA)


Custom-Made, Ships in 3-5 Days


120-Day Trial Period


Standard and Custom Sizes


Premium Mattress


Premium Price


Monthly Payments


No Interest if Paid in Full in 6 Months




Customer Testimonials

Here’s what other drivers had to say about the Revive+™

Proven mattress for a good night’s sleep.

Aleksandar Avramov

If you’re looking for a great sleep/rest period in your truck, get yourself a Kogler mattress.

I’ve had chronic back pain for 30+ yrs and have a very hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep well. With my Kogler mattress installed, it has been a different story. All the support and comfort where I need it. It has been the best mattress I’ve ever slept on.

Furthermore, Kogler’s customer service is by far the best you’ll ever experience should you ever need it.

On a scale of 1-10, I rate it 11.

You won’t regret a Kogler Truck Mattress purchase.

Carl Frey

The mattress is really good. I decided to give it a try and was extremely surprised about the quality. I recommend this mattress.

I give it 5 stars out of 5.

Tom Zielinski

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