Our Mission

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Vision Statement

Doing our part to try to help keep the roadways safer. A well-rested truck driver is a safer truck driver.

Mission Statement

We have identified that a large population of truck drivers are Veterans who have fought for our Country. Kogler shows love and support for our Vets by creating Military specific products and giving back to help support the Military community.

Company Value

We have created a working culture that is focused on inclusion and treating all our employees and customers with honor and respect. We live by the motto “treat others how you want to be treated.”

The Kogler Mattress Way

For all our premium products, we’ve applied scientific knowledge and expertise. Our engineers understand that replacing an uncomfortable mattress can lead to improved sleep quality and decreased back pain.

Therefore, all our premium mattresses are made with the most advanced materials and technology available: temperature-stable Clini-Foam™.  Layers of Clini-Foam™ with airflow technology help to cushion and support our customers. In that way, we provide a less sweaty, more comfortable night’s sleep.

What’s more, our antimicrobial mattress covers may reduce odors and dust mites.

We’re so confident that you’ll prefer our high-quality mattresses that we offer a 120-day trial period on our best mattresses.

Why is Kogler different

Because we care

Environmental Responsibility

Our Core products are made from 100% recyclable materials

Ethical Responsibility

We treat ALL employees and customers ethically and with respect.

Philanthropic Responsibility

Portions of our sales are donated to help support the Military community

Made in
the USA

All products PROUDLY made in the USA